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ALES (Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam)

Twice a week

3 hours/weekly

Individually:  450 AZN, In a group:  200 AZN

This exam is for university lecturers, researchers, as well as for people wishing to study in Turkey. ALES is also to select master students to be sent to study overseas from Turkey.

It is a necessary exam for both Turkish and foreign students applying master’s degree with postgraduate thesis. There is usually no need to take ALES exam for departments not requiring postgraduate thesis. Graduate, postgraduate, and senior year students can register for ALES.

The exam is held twice a year (spring-fall).

The validity period for ALES exam is 3 years.                                                                                                

ALES is a test exam consisting of 2 exact sciences and 2 humanities parts.                                          

Each of 2 exact sciences composes of 40 questions, and each of 2 exact sciences consists of 40 questions.

Quantitative part: (algebra+geometry) and mathematical logic questions.                                             

Verbal part: Turkish and logic in the humanities.