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German language


Two times a week

3 hours a week 

In a group we have 3-5 people

Individually: 200 AZN, In a group: 100 AZN 


General information

 GERMAN LANGUAGE is taught in the following methods:

  • General course
  • Incomprehensive course
  • Intensive course (A1-C2)
  • Testdaf exam preparation course

The number of students

Our groups consist of 3-5 people. During the lesson, we approach every student individually, and give extra explanations. During our lessons we take into consideration the improvement of communication, and speaking skills. We strive for students’ active participation and talking during the lesson.

Language levels

We teach German in 6 levels: in compliance with “European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System” from fundamental A1 level to the highest C2 level.


At the end of every level, we hold testing quiz. Participants, getting at least 70% of the total score, pass the level.

Homework assignments

We demand from participants to do all homework assignments and get ready for every lesson.


International Training and Project Center tutors are experienced teachers and have studied abroad.

Lesson methodology

The lessons are conducted based on communicative methods, and this makes way for the participant’s active speaking, and provides the appropriate conditions for his/her further communication. Communicative methods differ from traditional ones. Taking into account all of these, answering standard questions about boring topics and dialogues, learnt by heart, is completely unusual for this method. Based on our experience, the materials learnt through this, can be forgotten soon. Modern course books take aim at vital communicative group projects, games, teaching modern German vocabulary and grammar. Speaking, writing, listening, reading skills – whole kit are developed during the lessons. Student’s analytical skills, logical thinking also progress while exploring some up-to-date questions, and making scientific discussions. In our German language lessons, you will learn not only German language, but also will have an opportunity to enlarge your worldview through different scientific, diplomatic texts.