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Apple Mac Os


Twice a week

3 hours/ weekly

Individually: 200 AZN / monthly, In a group: 100 AZN / monthly

In a group we have: 5-8 people

Apple Mac OS course                                                               

Lessons are taught by an experienced teacher with Apple Support Professional, Apple Support Trainer certificates. Our teacher is also official trainer of Apple company. Only 4 people from Azerbaijan, have got this certificate.                                                                                                                                                                

Course topics:                                                                                                                          

Installation and Configuration                                              

Install OS X Yosemite                                                                                        

Setup and Configuration

OS X Recovery                                                                                                  

OS X Software Updates                                                                                                        

User Accounts                                                                                                    

User Accounts                                                                                            

User Home Folders                                                                                              

System Security                                                                                

Keychain Management                                                                                               

File Systems                                                                                                        

File Systems and Storage                                                                  

File Vault                                                                                         

Permission and Sharing                                                                              

File System Troubleshooting                                                                                            

Data Management                                                                                              

Hidden Items, Shortcuts, and File Archives                                       

Systems Resources                                                                            

Metadata and Spotlight                                                                                        

Time Machine                                                                 

Application and Processes                                                                                  

Application Installation                                                                     

Document Management                                                                    

Application Management and Troubleshooting                          

Network Configuration                                                                                      

Network Essentials                                                                           

Advanced Network Configuration                                                     

Network Troubleshooting                                                                         

Network Services                                                                                                

Network Services                                                                                       

Host Sharing and Personal Firewall                                       

System Management                                                                                          

Peripherals and Drivers                                                                              

Print and Scan                                                                                  

System Troubleshooting                                                                                                                                                                                       

Microsoft Office courses are taught by teachers with International certificate, trained in Europe. Lesson days and time are decided with mutual discussion of course participants and teachers.