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Pre-IELTS - 

Twice a week

3 hours a week

Individually: 300 AZN / monthly, In a group: 120 AZN / monthly



Twice a week

3 hours a week

Individually: 400 AZN / monthly, In a group: 140 AZN / monthly

Intermediate level students can apply IELTS.

IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) is an assessment system to test English internationally and to certify language level.

The exam is acknowledged by many universities, state agencies of Great Britain, Australia, Canada, the USA, as well as institutes of Austria, Germany, France, Ireland, Netherland, Switzerland, Israel, Hong Kong, and South Africa.

IELTS is needed to study at college and universities of America, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, as well as to find a job and to immigrate Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

IELTS tests all language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing. There is “Academic” education module or “General” education module choice between Reading and Writing tasks.

IELTS has 4 parts:

  • Understanding content of spoken text (Listening); 
  • Reading; 
  • Writing; 
  • Speaking.

IELTS validity period is 2 years.