Co-Founder of International Training and Project Center, Azerbaijan, September 2016 – Present

Duties & Responsibilities: overseeing administration, business development and strategic plan of the organization; enhancing local and international business cooperation

Founder of ENEMAY Cadre and Career Center, Azerbaijan, June 2017 – Present

Duties & Responsibilities: developing, sustaining and continually improving career opportunities for students and individuals; collaborating with universities and business organizations to facilitate and enhance student/alumni career development; providing consultancy to universities in the development of new curricula that meets labor market demand; supporting universities with the organization of career fairs, conferences, workshops and top-level management meetings

Head of Sustainable Development Center, Qafqaz University, Vice-Rectorate for Business Relations, Azerbaijan, February 2015 – October 2016

Duties & Responsibilities: organization of training and counseling services for individuals and corporate customers; facilitation of seminars, courses and training programs; attraction of business investments; facilitation of student internship and bursary programs; support of career planning for students and alumni; enhancement of life-long learning

Content Developer of the “Business World” Bulletin, Qafqaz University, Vice-Rectorate for Business Relations, Azerbaijan, October 2015 – February 2016

Duties & Responsibilities: identification of journal topics; organization of university-business meetings; supporting the alignment of university business strategy with the labor market demands; proofreading the journal before publication

Consultant at Coordinating Unit for Language Teaching, Qafqaz University, Azerbaijan, October 2010 – February 2015

  •  Duties & Responsibilities: monitoring student examination process; facilitation of student placement procedures and exams; organization of monthly meetings with the parents; supporting student learning process